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Who we are.

Our history

The law firm was founded in the fifties by the lawyer Enrico de la Forest de Divonne, who had, at the time, the ability and the intuition to abandon a clerical activity in favor of a self-employment, in order to achieve further developments of professional nature.
At the end of the seventies the son of lawyer Enrico, lawyer Maurizio de la Forest, was included in the law firm.
At the end of the nineties the founder has gradually retired, but not without having contributed to the significant development of the law firm activity.
At present the law firm has maintained the associated form, with the inclusion, as well as the son Maurizio, of the lawyer Enrico’s niece, lawyer Anna de la Forest de Divonne, and of lawyer Antonio Martinelli.
Gradually the law firm has been enlarged in the years, with the addition and the valuable contribution of some collaborators.

Over sixty years of experience.

The associate law firm de la Forest de Divonne has an experience of over sixty years in the field of labour law, company law, intellectual property law, family law and, in general, civil law.
The law firm activity is mainly addressed to assist companies on issues relating to labour law, company law and intellectual property law, which are the main specializations, especially by the associates Maurizio de la Forest de Divonne, Anna de la Forest de Divonne and Antonio Martinelli.

The law firm also relies on external colleagues, civil or criminal lawyer, both in Italy and abroad, in order to provide the customers with a service, direct and indirect, with the greatest possible coverage, both in the different subjects of the law, and from a territorial point of view.

Assistance and legale advice to companies

The Founder

Avv. Enrico de la Forest de Divonne

Avv. Enrico de la Forest de Divonne
The Associates

The Professionals

Avv. Maurizio e Anna de la Forest de Divonne, Antonio Martinelli

Were we are

The associate law firm de la Forest de Divonne is located in the centre of Turin, near the Church of San Massimo.

Our office in Turin, via Mazzini 31.

Our activity in the field of law.


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Office Hours

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